• HAHAHA well lets see what ya got kid, be honest and dont cheat. im gonna be honest with you when i tell you what your score is and how much you dont know....hahahaha well have fun


    and that is my 1968 Camaro SS it has alot under the hood and STOP DROOLING ON YOUR KEY BOARD!!!! you dont have to stare so hard either. she is more than you can handle in your wildest dreams

  • 1

    What the most popular Cubic Inch(Liters)/Displacement Chevy motor?

  • 2

    What was the brand/make of carburator that was on all Chevrolet/GMC pickups with V8 engines and various GM V8 engine cars? Produced by GM for all V8 Engines (4-Barrel)

  • 3

    What is the common size in diameter of the intake/exhaust valves found in most 350 cyclinder heads?

  • 4

    In 1987 Chevy/GMC pickups, Blazers/Jimmys, and Suburbans were all now made with what option? 

  • 5

    What is the Factory Bore and Stroke of a 350 Cubic Inch Small Block? 

  • 6

    What kind of style were factory GM intakes from the years 1967-86 on V8 factory 4-Barrel engines

  • 7

    Prior to 1984 what did most vehicles not have that all vehicles have now.

  • 8

    What kind of Ingnition system did all GM pickups have after 1980 and phased out in the 1990's

  • 9

    Where is the Distibutor located in the engine compartment on an chevy engine?

  • 10

    When you are looking for a Performance Camshaft what are you looking for in the Specifications on one if you are wanting an agressive sounding Cam?