• This is my first attempt at writing one of these, so I expect the results to be crappy. You have been warned. Otherwise, I am trying to determine how flexible you are in your thinking. Are you a slave to rigid ideas, or are you able to appreciate the many facets of reality as they present themselves? The test really works better for people born and raised in western cultures and cultures associated with it. It kind of assumes one lives in a part of the world which accepts the existence of a single universal scientific culture, and where religion generally posits a monotheistic moral being (Namely Islam, Judaism and Christianity). Results may come out strange for people living in different cultures, where such assumptions are not necessarily made. The idea of a punishing God, for example, is completely absent from Buddhism. Wrong thought, and wrong view will, however, bring about suffering. So translation of ideas may be necessary for such cases, just so things make sense. It may not always work all that well at all. Just a disclaimer.

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