• Hi! And welcome to my Order the Books of the Bible Test. This test will determine how well you know the order of the books of the Bible. A few bonus questions will test your knowledge of the genres of Scripture -- the labels that certain sections have.
    No cheating allowed, otherwise what's the point? This means, no using your Bible, its table of contents, that paper they gave you in Sunday School, or Google to figure it out. That kind of takes the fun out of it, besides being dishonest.

    The categories are given Biblical names, so have fun looking those up to see who they were in Scripture. But be warned, the names don't really have a special meaning that relates to the description of your results. I just thought it'd be fun.

    This test is based on the Protestant order and number of books, which is 66. If you use a Catholic or Jewish Bible, then you will have more or fewer books than I include here, and they may be in a different order. You should still do well on most of the test, or at least you can guess or skip some.

    If I make a mistake, do let me know.