• I made this test to bring you more awareness.  Your orientation towards life comes in many forms.  For example, men and women are different.  Kind of like men are teachers and women are healers.  I know that is a generalization but we need science to help us uncode our generalizations.  This test will show you an orientation that makes you a scientific thinker.  Some people explore ideas by being very philosphical.  Some make equations in there head and look at life as an experiment, always offering possible solutions but not wanting to give any credible answers.  Some people are very logical and some peoples logic is more a song then a formula.  The beat of music for the type I call the "Musician" makes their scientific approach to life like a song.  This matrice offers 9 different scientific orientations.  I will list the different types so you can become aware of what your doing while your taking the test and hopefully remember more of what you learned.  The types are: the Philosopher, the Mechanic, the Actor, the Scientist, the Musician, the Mathematician, the Engineer, the Scultpor, and the Dancer.  I hope you take the test!

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