• Orson Welles didn't just make one good movie and then crash and burn, fading into obscurity with weird half-made movies before getting fat and doing whine commercials (AAAH The French) and dying, never to be heard from again until the cavalcade of parodies after his death.
  • 1
    What was the name of the program on which Orson Welles did his infamous War of the Worlds broadcast?

  • 2
    On what public figure was Charles Foster Kane allegedly based?

  • 3
    What was Orson Welles' last major film?

  • 4
    For which famous villain was Welles originally to do the voice?

  • 5
    What was the last film for which Welles was nominated for an Academy Award?

  • 6
    There exists a famous audio clip of outtakes from Orson Welles recording a voiceover for several commercials. Which cartoon show parodied this clip, having a character recite it almost verbatim?

  • 7
    For which cartoon adaptation of a children's book did Welles provide voice work and narration?

  • 8
    According to Welles himself, which of his films was the best?

  • 9
    Oja Kodar sculpted a statue of Welles. In what city was it erected?

  • 10
    "We will sell no wine...

  • 11
    Welles died two hours after recording an interview for what show?

  • 12
    Who was one of the primary financial backers of Welles' unfinished "The Other Side of the Wind?"

  • 13
    In Tim Burton's "Ed Wood," Vincent D'Onofrio portrayed Orson Welles. Who did the voice work?

  • 14
    Welles chose War of the Worlds for his famous radio broadcast because of his blood relation to the story's original author

  • 15
    What was to be Welles' original follow-up to Citizen Kane?