• Hi! And welcome to my Outdoorsy Test. This test is basically testing the extent of your outdoorsiness, what is this you ask? Outdoorsiness is the extent to which you love the outdoors. From enjoying a nice walk to class or to the coffee shop or if you are more into multi pitch climbs and winter mountaineering. I am personally in the latter group and would not even be in front of a computer right now, except I have to finish college which I have been neglecting by traveling, and I am procrastinating... I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature. TODO: REWRITE THIS. This test
  • 1
    Would you rather sit on the couch or sit on a ski lift?

  • 2
    What is you definition of a tough climb.

  • 3
    When I am outdoors I am...

  • 4
    When it rains I...

  • 5
    I would rather make love with my partner...