• This test will test your knowledge of The Mikey Show. The Mikey Show is broadcast from beautiful San Diego California over the air on Rock 105.3 as well as being streamed around the World on the web. The Mikey Show is on Mondays through Fridays from 5:30-10am.

    A listener of the Mikey Show is called a P1, short for priority one - that's some sort of fancy radio industry lingo. When a P1 calls in to the show, they get straight to the point, don't cuss, and listen for long periods of time exclusively to the Mikey Show. They also spread the word to attract more listeners.

    There are 25 questions, 12 multiple choice, 6 True/False, and 7 matching. Each question is worth 4 points and there may be some questions that are so simple, you can lose points for incorrect guesses and/or skipping them. Choose the best answer when unsure.

    I hope you enjoy taking the test,

    P1 Ryan