• Hi! And welcome to my "NEW & IMPROVED" PDA Test. NEW CATEGORIES! MORE QUESTIONS! I'll be using logic and knowledge to determine your true nature when it comes to Public Displays of Affection (PDA). Are you a hand-holder only, or do you engage in all-out fondling when in public? Are certain places off-limits? Would you, say, swap tongues in the middle of the grocery store? Cop a feel in a busy restaurant? We all have our limits...let's see what yours are. Answer 'em all...you lose points for skipping! My special thanks to all of you who wrote in with suggestions on improving this test...hope I didn't let you down! ;)
  • 1
    Let's pretend you are walking through a crowded public area (think shopping mall during the holidays). Do you stop and plant one on the lips of your significant other?

  • 2
    Hugging in public is ok, EXCEPT for:

  • We're turning up the dial...
  • 3
    You get in an elevator with your partner on the 1st floor, and it's empty. The two of you start gettin' hot and heavy, although no clothes come off. Suddenly, 4 more passengers hop on at the 6th floor. Do you:

  • 4
    Now let's say you're sitting in a church, attending a funeral. Your partner has had his/her hand on your lower thigh for most of the service, then slowly slides it toward your genitals. You:

  • 5
    This picture makes me feel:

  • You're doing great! Just a few more to go....
  • 6
    How do you feel about ODA (Office Displays of Affection)?

  • 7
    Pretend you're at a wedding reception. In fact, it's your boss' wedding. You and your significant other (date, partner, spouse, etc.) sneak out of the reception area for a little "alone" time. This means:

  • 8
    You're at a reasonably crowded bar, club, restaurant, pub, cafe, etc., waiting to be seated. Your partner pulls you close and starts nibbling on your neck. You:

  • 9
    You're at the movies on a first date. What's acceptable?

  • 10
    Ok, at the movies again, this time with someone you've been seeing for 6 months exclusively. What's acceptable?

  • 11
    Let's now pretend you're meeting your partner's family for the first time. The evening includes dinner, drinks, and quiet conversation with the folks. What's acceptable?

  • 12
    Same situation, only your partner is meeting *your* family for the first time:

  • 13
    And finally... I think PDA is:

  • 14
    One last thing... What has most influenced your level of affection shown in public?