The Pencils down: did your profile pass? Test

  • This test was scientifically engineered for WOMEN. However, men can take the test too. Just pretend you're a lady; you know, like when you tuck your junk in front of a full-length mirror and call yerself "pretty sexy girlfriend."

    Have you ever wondered what grade you'd get if your OKC profile was marked up by a leading professor of technosocial communication? B-? D? Gasp... F! Wonder no more. I've developed a scientific profile grading system that will be the ultimate decider of your online self worth. Why grades? Well, except for those hippie professors at UC Santa Cruz who'd give out hemp participation bracelets instead of achievement letters, the A-F quality index has proven to be the dominant grading system in AMERICA, and by gum if it's good enough for Lady Liberty, it's good enough for you! Let's begin.

    Disclaimer: If you don’t want to be judged, don’t take the test. You can have an incomplete. If you disagree with the results, you can take it up with the SocioCOM Standards Review Board, email me with insults like "stupid face" and "old loser dork," submit a ruthless edit of my profile, ignore and/or delete your test results, or quickly IM your BFF and cry, "OMG, u wood not beleive, this like lame guy totaly dist me, WTF!" I’ll leave that to your careful judgment.

    [Some test takers have suggested that this exam was written by a bitter, pathetic, old fool who can't get a date, and therefore tries to take it out on the unsuspecting OKC community. This is hogwash. Really. It's not TRUE! Seriously. Dammit... wha... whuh.. why don't you believe me?! DAMN YOU. DAMN YOU TO HELL EVIL WOMAN! Er. Um. Where am I?]