• Hi! And welcome to The Perfect Man Test. You need to be honest when answering these questions. Are you romantic? Are you loyal? Are you a flake? Let's find out!
  • 1
    What's the perfect first date?

  • 2
    When on a first date, do you...

  • 3
    When is it appropriate to have sex for the first time?

  • 4
    When on a first date, do you...

  • 5
    If you asked someone to go out on a first date with you, who should pay?

  • 6
    You ask someone out on a first date for this Saturday night. You end the conversation saying that you'll call Saturday to let them know what time you'll pick them up. When do you call?

  • 7
    You are dating someone and you're both really into each other. But the other person isn't the best kisser in the world. How do you handle it?

  • 8
    Assuming you're genuinly crazy about the person you're dating... the two of you go to the movies. You're both really enjoying the film and are getting into it. During the film do you...

  • 9
    The two of you have been dating for a while now. You call up your boyfriend and ask if he'd like to have dinner with you. He agrees. You say, "Meet me at XYZ Restaurant. I'm on my way there now." What do you think of this scenario?

  • 10
    YOu and your boyfriend have an in-joke from something the two of you shared together. Do you...

  • 11
    You've met someone and the two of you are really getting along. When do you remove your on-line dating profile?

  • 12
    The two of you are really in love. YOu call your boyfriend every night when you get home from work. One night you don't call. Your boyfriend is a little hurt and you...

  • 13
    You meet someone on-line, e-mail each other daily, speak on the phone several times. Before you meet, you...

  • 14
    You've met someone special on the internet. YOu make arrangements to meet, but you've never been to the place you're going. Do you...

  • 15
    How long should you date someone before it's appropriate to just hang out at each other's home and watch TV?