• This test is amazing! In 12 questions it will know all about you and describe your behavior in astounding accuracy (wow!) It covers different qualities than the ENFP/ISTJ tests, so have high expectations!

    The history of the test goes like this: long ago someone divided folks up into four types: Earth, Wind, Water & Fire. Then later new names were applied to make it sound more scientific: Melancholly, Sanguine, Phlegmatic & Choleric. And most recently, a crazy looking grandmother (see below pic) really sorted these types out and wrote a book about it called "Personality Plus"(credit where credit is due). So now I've simplified her 50 question test into the following awesome 12 questions, which will deduce which temperment you use the most. Enjoy!

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    An impressive note on the results you'll get. You'll probably get along somehow with someone who is totally your opposite. Like, your parents were total opposites, yeah, whatever you come out as, you might want to look for a date with someone who is your opposite. If you come out choleric, consider a phlegmatic. Sanguine? find yourself a nice melancholy.