The Philosophers' Perverse Lives (aka. Fetishes) Test

  • Welcome to the one and only quiz that will test your knowledge of the unusual, colorful, and at times perverse, lives of the "great" philosophers of the centuries just past. If you thought Plato, Socrates and their little boys were amusing... ("In the Cave!") Well, let's see what you know...
  • The difficulty level will vary erratically!
  • 1
    Who did NOT have a relationship, requited or not, with Lou Andreas Salome?

  • 2
    Georges Bataille's first soft porn novel, entitled, ___________________ , was published in 1928 under the pseudonym Lord Ausch.

  • 3
    Who's lectures did Kierkegaard go attend after breaking off his engagement?

  • 4
    Called "paralysis progressiva," this was the disease to which Nietzsche fell prey

  • 5
    According to all accounts, Immanuel Kant died:

  • 6
    Roland Barthes and Michel Foucault were on and off lovers. What was Foucault's fetish of choice?

  • 7
    Foucault died of AIDS - What was Barthes' cause of death?

  • 8
    It's widely know that Hegel died of Cholera - but precisely how did he snuff it?

  • 9
    According to Georges Bataille, what does not show us "who we are"