• OK, this intro will cover quite a bit of ground:

    1) I'm well aware of the fact that you can't do a multiple choice test on anything philosophical and have the test mean anything. So this test is mostly going to be a lot of flash sounding technical words and other such noise, but hey, it's interesting to me at least.

    2) Every question will have "I don't know" as an answer. Wrong answers will have a mark taken off, and right answers get one added on. "I don't know" results in no marks being added or taken off. Why am I doing it this way? I don't know.

    3) Philosophy of mind is a pretty bloody broad topic. This test won't cover it all - I'll mostly be focussing on consciousness, perhaps personal identity a little, maybe a bit of mental function stuff too.

    4) Some questions have more than one "right enough" answer. Selecting a "right enough" answer will get you the mark, provided there is no other answer there that is more "right enough" (some questions have two equally "right enough" answers).

    5) If this test has interested you, please do check out the essays I've written on this subject, both bad and good, and also everything else I've written too - and then write me! www.syntilect.com - I look forward to discussing and getting feedback, and who knows, you may even change my mind :)