• Many letters of the Latin alphabet sound very similar when named. For example B, C, D, E, G, P, T, V, & Z all can be easily confused over a bad connection or in a loud location, especially when under stress. This is often annoying, and potentially fatal if you're doing something like ordering a medicine or calling in an airstrike. (The latter generally done over a bad radio connection in a VERY loud & stressful enviroment...) This test will see if you know the official International Phonetic Alphabet as used by pilots, ham radio geeks, and the military world-wide. I've sneakily included some entries from the old WWII Phonetic Alphabet. These will be worth half points as they show at least some awareness of the concept. A user who deserves to remain nameless pointed out a mistake on my part. Rather vulgarly. It is now fixed, as his parents should have been.

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