• Alright this is my first test so if it sucks, give me a break. This test measures your readiness to be in a relationship that could end up being serious, your sexiness (based on personality), your open-mindedness or willingness to try new things or new ideas (because I have a lot of different beliefs), and a little shallowness on my part, this test also measures your hottness (based on physical appearance). Don't be too alarmed, the physical appearance won't matter for much, though if I didn't add it in there, I would be lying to myself saying that this test accounts for everything that I would look for in a girl.
  • Lets start with readiness. Answer honestly. Most or all of these will affect other categories also, but mainly readiness.
  • 1
    Would you ever date someone who is saving vaginal sex for his future wife?

  • 2
    As far as your relationship status is concerned, where do you see yourself in 2 years?

  • 3
    What about in 3 years?

  • 4
    4 years?