• Welcome to the test! To begin, let's explore the term "pin-up girl." Pin-up girls were beautiful models who appeared on postcards, calenders, magazines, posters, and often advertisements. This quiz will determine either the type of pin-up girl style you like or what pin-up girl you closest resemble. Answers will also include bits of beauty advice to help boost your style!

  • 1

    What does your day to day attire resemble?

  • 2

    What product commercials and advertisements draw your attention most?

  • 3

    Even if you are not attracted to women, what type of girl walking down the street catches your eye when you see her all dolled up?

  • 4

    Make-up can be a girls best friend. Where do you get yours, as far as brands, and how do you like to apply it?

  • 5

    Which of the following statements matches how you feel about or what you have in the way of tattoos and piercings?

  • 6

    Where do you do most of your shopping for essentials?

  • 7

    And now, one final question. What grouping of contemporary actresses/singers is more appealing to you - looks, personality and talent wise?