The Polarities and What that Tells You About Focus Test

  • Matter is a form of charge (i.e. elctrons, neutrons, and protons) that magically appear and disappear.  It just depends upon the observer and where you are putting your focus.  Substance forms when your thoughts become charged--- creating an avenue for us to experience our thoughts.  People learn from their feelings and from what is created.  What holds things together is what keeps us polarized.  Polarized is stuck in a position without being able to shift it.  To shift your thinking you need to be free to think in a way that works.  The atom is energy while the electrons, neutrons and protons are matter.  Something appears in matter when there is perception because the perception creates charge.  The charge creates "significance."  When perception creates a negative charge then there is no more "significance."  Negative charges erase and positive charges create.

    Polarities force you to take sides.  We have to become aware of what we want to create and what we want to let go of.  This is a philosophical test.  Because it is a philosophical test I will tell you that I am not a centrist.  I take sides.  That is what makes me knowledgeable.  Everyone wants to take sides but some do so in an uncontrolled manner.  We charge everything with our thought but our thought can help us understand charge.  By understanding charge we can shift from creating bad things to creating good things.  A polarity is a concept for those who wish to become enlightened.  We get stuck when our charges do match our intentions.  We get stuck thinking in ways that create inflexibility and inconsistency.  Some common misconceptions demonstrate our inflexible process of thinking.  I know you have heard the term "polar opposites" and that is because energy gets stuck.  Polarities are composed of three angles (positive, neutral and negative).  I call these polarities the law of nature.  I will use some abstract examples to shed light on what I mean by this: North, South, and Centrist; Land, Ocean, and Clouds; Man, Woman, and Transgendered; Male, Female, and Intersexed; Boy, Girl, and Hermaphrodite.  These are all concepts that act like polarities to me.   I hope you will begin to understand the ideal of focus by taking this oh so advanced test.  It will show you how understanding polarity will shift your focus.  Understanding polarity might make you more adaptable.