• Hi! And welcome to my Political Morality Test. This test is based on the morality systems described by George Lakoff, a cognitive linguist at UC Berkeley, in his book, Moral Politics. All quotes are drawn from this text.
    Lakoff describes a basic dichotomy of morality systems between a liberal "nurturant parent" system and a conservative "critical father" morality system. These questions reflect the values that he identifies as "nurturant parent" or "critical father." One test taker, a Libertarian, points out that a dichotomous model of political views is oversimplistic. He's right. And for a test that more completely assesses political alignment and an explanation rather mercilessly skewers the idea of a left-right dichotomy, check out The Political Compass, which I rely on as one prerequisite for another test, The Better Match Me Test (Sorry, guys, I'm a straight male). This test is about morality, and the "hot button" issues and metaphors that Lakoff explains as dividing liberals from conservatives in the mainstream of the United States. You can compare the categorization that emerges from this test, based on issues, with the morality system that guides your personal life with my Moral Metaphors test.