• This test analyzes how many and what kinds of rights you believe a government should provide/protect. Specifically this test deals with the idea of positive and negative rights, positive rights being "freedom from want" and negative rights being "freedom from others" (let it be understood that positive/negative in this context does NOT mean good/bad). I've seen many varieties of tests to determine a person's political views, but never one using exactly these dimensions, so I hope you will find it interesting.

    NOTE: This test uses in its results some labels like "liberal" and "moderate," but they don't map exactly to how those words are popularly used because this test uses different measures than the traditional "economic freedom" and "personal freedom." The label you receive from this test will quite possibly not be the same as the one you apply to yourself because it uses different criteria. The test does not tell you whether you are a liberal/democrat or conservative/republican, and in fact those groups would likely score similar positions on this test.