• Poly: a) prefix meaning multiple

    b) slang for polyamory, lit. "multiple loves"


    Polygon: a closed geometric shape, usually with more than four sides.


    Poly-gon: a sexagon that will analyze your relationship personality on three axes and identify where you fit in the monogamy/non-monogamy/non-relationship playing field.

  • Maybe you're ready for "Polyfidelity" but aren't adventurous enough for "Free Love". Maybe you're looking for a "Soulmate" but are stuck being a "Serial Monogamist". Or maybe relationships aren't your thing and you're just a "Freak". Even "Asexual" is a possible result, for those who aren't all that interested in sex OR romance (though I reserve the right to push you into that category if you skip too many questions!)


    This test will track three variables, but you may be surprised at what they are. As with any relationship matter, be completely honest--don't just give what you THINK is the right answer, because there are no right answers. It cannot tell you how big your libido or heart are, it's just a guess at what approach with might want to try to fill them.


    This test has 60 questions. It strives to be gender-neutral; assume all hypothetical situations involving multiple partners are in your favor, and that "sex" includes penatrative, oral, anal, and anything you consider kinkier.


    Oh, and you might not want to take it with your significant other looking over your shoulder. At least not until you're both ready to discuss some surprises along the way.


    [June 2009: Holy crap, when did this get to four stars?! That is awesome, thanks for all the support. This is still just version 1.1, and has some bugs to work out. For more info, check out my journal post here.]