• You're probably all familiar with the various Jungian, Meyers-Briggs 'scientific' personality tests.  This is exactly the same, except it uses the archetypes of popular Internet culture instead of abstract psychologocal statements.  Both more interesting, and probably more meaningful.


    Rather than trying to trick you into honest answers by repeating lots of value-neutral questions and taking an average, I'm just going to tell you what each variable means and let you choose.  Involves a bit of reading.


    The concept and content of this test are totally stolen from a series of articles by aeon on gamegrene.com, and the pictures are stolen from all over.


    If you already know your MBTI code:

    E=Clown, I=Cowboy

    S=Pirate, N=Ninja

    T=Robot, F=Monkey

    J=Zombie, P=Punk