• Welcome to my Post Apocalyptic Survival Test!

    Read the scenario on the first page and answer the questions that follow to the best of your ability. Do not change pages until you have already answered the questions on your current page. Please select the answer that is as close to how you would answer. Some questions may not match with your previous answers and in those cases you should answer them as if they had matched.

    It's a rather dark test that deals more with the will to survive rather than the skills needed. This test contains situations of an unpleasant nature that may offend some people, we recommend parental guidance for children under the age of 16.

    There are currently only 11 questions, but the questions themselves are quite involved and measure both how well you will survive and how far you are willing to go to survive. Ideally I'd like to pad it out to 25 questions and also I'd like to have 4 answers for every question.

    Any feedback and suggestions will be appreciated.