• The jock. The nerd. The cheerleader. The gargantuan man at McDonald's...

    Stereotypes! We've all seen them, we all claim not to judge them, and yet, in some odd but strange little way, we all follow them. Yes, even you, the one referred to as "I Am Unique Just Like Everybody Else."

    We all have an annoying stereotype. The question is... Which one? Welcome to The Preeminent Annoying Stereotype Test!

    Caution: This test is meant to be insulting; there's no way to get a positive result. With that said, please don't be offended at whatever you end up with. Remember, it's only an online quiz.

    (Note: Feel free to skip questions that you don't like; the test is weighted so that those questions won't affect your score. Obviously, though, the more questions you skip, the less accurate your result will be.)

    As of Feb. 14, I am still tweaking this test. Pictures coming soon. Let me know what you think!

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