• Ever get annoyed at those people who walk around thinking they're all that; chins so high you think they might get bird droppings on them? Ever think that's not you? Some of these questions might seem pretty obvious, but you know its true, so be honest!
  • 1
    When you're out and about, and you pass by a window where you see your reflection you automatically stop to check your appearance.

  • 2
    How about when you're at the gym? Which of these is most like you?

  • 3
    How do you usually react when you encounter someone that's homeless?

  • 4
    What about when you're out on the street walking around and a stranger greets you by saying hello. What's your reaction?

  • 5
    Okay myspace/facebook default picture time; which of these would you most likely rush to pick out?

  • 6
    What is your nightlife scene?

  • 7
    Speaking of being out on the town, lets say you seem someone is kinda checking you out a little bit; he/she is not amazing looking, but not ugly either..just average; what would you be most likely to do here?

  • 8
    Which of the following would be a deal-breaker for you to get into a relationship with someone?

  • 9
    And finally, lets say a genie appears and grants you an infinite amount of one of the following, which would you choose?

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