• As we all know, the FOX hit show Prison Break has spawned many a memorable quote. Think you can match each quote with the person who said it? Some will be trickier than others..Let's get started!
  • 1
    We'll start off easy..who said: "I didn't kill that man Michael."

  • 2
    "My god. You cons are slower than a spelling bee full of stutterers!"

  • 3
    Who is responsible for this memorable exchange?: "What's another word for "love?" "What's the context?" "Oh, you know, the "I love you so much, I ain't knocking over a liquor store again" context. Except, you know... classy."

  • 4
    "I've loved you since the first day I saw you."

  • 5
    "You know what would make this pie better? A pinch of crack, and a dollop of smack."

  • 6
    Who was responsible for this funny exchange? "What the hell are you doing?" "The Lord's work." "The Lord wants you to spread horse crap all over your mattress?!" "It's not in our place to question his will... Are we clear?"

  • 7
    "Boy's a bit confused about his pigmentation, but he sure does have spunk."

  • 8
    "You know, your parents must be so proud of you, man. I mean, hitting the trailer-park trifecta: racist, pedophile, and stupid."

  • 9
    "Marilyn, did you think he was the arsonist-type?"

  • 10
    Who was responsible for this cute exchange?: "I, uh, I saw you checkin' out those girls back at the diner. "What?" "Come on. 'Fess up." "Nah, I was just makin' sure that they weren't staring at us." "With what, their asses?

  • 11
    And this exchange?: "Benzodiazepine's a hardcore tranquillizer, man. You take these everyday?" "Twenty milligrams." "You must feel like you're walking under water." "I do. It's very quiet down here." "That's why you started, right? Peace and quiet? It's not why you do it any more though, it is? I know it's the headaches, right? And you probably don't sleep. And you know you're gonna destroy yourself, right?" "I hadn't ruled that out as a possibility."

  • 12
    "I don't care. I've got some skeletons in my closet too. One of them wears a dress."

  • 13
    "Screw Honus Wagner man...now I'm sittin' here on a dime, gettin' turned out like a little bitch."

  • 14
    "I got nothin' against you kid." (fires gun) "But they do."

  • 15
    "This is where he had his family supper. And that, I believe, is where you and Miss Hollander expressed your love. Tell me little Teddy, did you make her wear Doctor Dentons and hold a lunch box? Help you get all worked up?"

  • 16
    "I got a gallon of bleach, a tarp and a hacksaw in the trunk of my car. One hour, tops - you're off the face of the earth."

  • 17
    "Oh shall I turn water into wine while I'm at it? Or give his mother a right good rogering? Why the hell would I do you a favour?"

  • 18
    "I put my blood into this."

  • 19
    "Soap. I lost my conjugals... over soap."

  • 20
    This last exchange is extra credit. Who had this conversation? "Since when did we become kidnappers? It ain't right." "We can buy a conscience tomorrow."