• Greetings brave soul, and welcome to my Pro Wrestling Gimmick, Catchprase, and Quotes Test. This test will be one of two covering your knowledge of those attributes that some well-known wrestlers have used to define their character and connect with the audience. From the dawn of television, it has been common practice to introduce new wrestling characters first through short vingnettes, then "squash" matches, in which the audience becomes familiar with the wrestler's entrance, their character's personality or gimmick, and their finishing move, after which there is no chance of the opponent getting up to fight back. Maybe after the match, they cut a promo, and eventually have a catchphrase that helps define them, and that gets a reaction from the audience. It's a pretty basic formula, but one that has worked forever. This test will see how much you know about the Gimmicks, Catchphrases, and maybe some famous promos from these well-known wrestlers. If you're ready for this daunting challenge, let's get down to business.

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