• Welcome to the 'Professional' Gambler Aptitude Test for non-professionals.

    With the recent craze of Texas Hold 'Em poker many people are enjoying a little recreational and social gambling; some are also accumulating winnings in the process.

    Perhaps you already know a professional gambler? Maybe you know a semi-professional or two; those who supplement the income from their regular job(s) with not insignificant amounts from the gaming tables. There are more of them around than many realise!

    This test attempts to 'deal' with gambling in general. It will gauge some basic knowledge across the board and also your psychological aptitude and/or approach to acquiring successful or sound gambling theory and practice, in addition to weighing up a few other indicators.

    Bet on a little humour along the way too... after all, it's only about having fun.

    *Feel free to skip any questions if you're not sure about the answers or if you don't find any suitable ones listed, but avoid skipping out on 'opinion' questions, where your attitude or approach is being tested; this could end up costing you!