• I've been a little disappointed by the Donnie Darko tests present currently on OKCupid. So, I figured, I might as well write my own, right? Right.

    A few things you should know about this test in advance:

    1.) The questions are asked in the order they would appear in the film. (Except for one! It's a mystery!)

    2.) This is a quiz about the film. As such, none of the main questions will involve the website, or other outside material. Theoretically if you have seen the film, you should be able to answer the basic questions, and quite a few of the bonus questions.

    3.) I'm not going to ask you any ridiculously obscure questions like "What brand of cigarettes does Donnie's friends smoke?" So don't worry about that. This quiz is not meant to judge how psycho-obsessive you are about the film.

    4.) If you have only seen the film once or twice, you should score appropriately on this quiz, and recieve a positive vibe from it. If you hit a question you can't answer, just move on, the next one is sure to be something you know.

    5.) Note! I have updated the test to accept correct answers on questions that can be answered differently if you have not seen the Director's Cut. Also, questions that cannot be answered without knowledge of the Director's Cut are marked as such and can be skipped safely.

    6.) After all the basic Donnie Darko questions, I'm going to ask some extra questions that will not negatively effect your score. These questions are to satisfy the fringe Donnie Darko fantatics. The highest ranking possible does involve this score, but otherwise these bonus questions will only positively effect your score, potentially bumping you up into a higher scoring category depending on how well you do on them.

    7.) FYI: To get the highest score possible you must answer all of the bonus questions correctly, but you are allowed to miss one of the regular questions. If you feel that you were wronged in some way, please message me and let me know what your problem with the test was, and I will do my best to fix it, or explain it to you. I have even tried to make the "tricky" questions relatively obvious if you think through them.

    Thanks, and enjoy!