• This test will quiz your knowledge of the underground world of pick up artistry and game. If you are a male, this test will evaluate your knowledge of game in terminology and technique, and to evaluate overall how well your gaming tactics are. If you are female, this test will determine how well you know the game that men run on you and how proficient you are in recognizing it, as it's a sad truth that some men running game out there have less than ethical values and are only out to ultimately hurt women. Let's begin. --------------------------------------------------
  • 1
    When gaming, to what does a male refer to with the acronym "HB"?

  • 2
    When initially running game, the good PUA will ____ his _____.

  • 3
    What does "PUA" stand for?

  • 4
    When a girl's male friends are trying to blow you out, what have you done wrong?

  • 5
    As a male, what is the best course of action when a girl asks you to buy her a drink?

  • 6
    What is the most difficult to recover from and should be avoided at all costs?

  • 7
    (Which is most true?) Foreplay--

  • 8
    An "AFC" is the:

  • 9
    Which of the following is the LEAST threatening way to get a girl's number?

  • 10
    Which of the following is the best way to ensure that LMR (Last Minute Resistance) doesn't happen?