• Hi! And welcome to my the random sense of life test Test. I'll be testing to see if you are a truly random person.
  • 1
    Name the animal crackers cereal from the '90s to have a cartoon and book series.

  • 2
    Which of these video game main characters has never has their own cartoon?

  • 3
    Name the Game show featuring Whammies.

  • 4
    Speaking of game shows, which board game was never a game show?

  • 5
    Which soft drink was a direct spin-off of Coca Cola?

  • 6
    I love game shows! How about you? Which of these is not a "The Price is Right" game

  • 7
    What is the singular form of the word "Dice"

  • 8
    DMC thread and Aidia cloth are used in what crafting hobby (Which I enjoy, by the way)

  • 9
    Halfway done!! Which of these songs was not done by Jackyl.

  • 10
    Name the only letter not used in any US state name

  • 11
    Random Question??? (Aren't they all? lol) What do Muppets use for protection?

  • 12
    Finish the quote. "Dude! You're getting a _____?

  • 13
    Another quote " Good, bad... I'm the guy with the gun." Name the movie.

  • 14
    Quick! do the math... 5*4*3*2*1*0

  • 15
    You're an obsessive, compulsive, detective. Who are you?

  • 16
    Name the director of the "Brat Pack" Movies.

  • 17
    A question that does not require a response is known as a ____ question?

  • 18
    Name the family of "Little People, Big World".

  • 19
    Did you like this quiz?