• So you heard baba o'riley while eating a coney at the local sonic and decided to watch the kids are alright and now think you are a who expert? Or maybe you bought every who album, saw tommy in the theatres and are a who expert... well how deep does your random knowledge of one of the most influential best bands ever go? Note: i will be asking questions that are random, weird and somewhat stupid, so you could do horribly and still be a great who fan. Just taking this does pete, ketih, roger and john proud.
  • 1
    What is the name of the song that Pete refers to as "tommy's parents" on "live at leeds"?

  • 2
    What makes a man a man?

  • 3
    If one was to get a tattoo, who should pay for it?

  • 4
    Why won't Tommy be saved?

  • 5
    You are listening to the CD rerelease of The Who sell out, you are on the last track and Mrs. walker just had a baby, finish the though... it's a _____ Mrs. Walker

  • 6
    Okay now that that cd is over you take it out and put in Tommy. Oddly enough, someone is singing the same melody to a Mrs. Walker... now finish the statement: It's a _____ Mrs. Walker.

  • 7
    Why is Bill a headcase?

  • 8
    What band member was temporarily replaced after passing out durring the first show of the quadraphenia tour at the corn palace in San Francisco?

  • 9
    What moment was said to elevate the popularity of both the who, and their album Tommy in the U.S.?

  • 10
    What song did keith moon not want on "the who sell out"?

  • 11
    Who made Keith Moon's custom drumsets?

  • 12
    Why was he their best customer?

  • 13
    What song on The who sell out had to be rerecorded after a maid threw the tapes away and they were covered with soda and cigarette butts?

  • 14
    After above incedient When Pete was told "sometimes these things happen" other than uttering the phrase back to the person(which he apparently did do) what else was his response?

  • 15
    Who played the lead in quadrophenia

  • 16
    Who played the lead in tommy?

  • 17
    Was jack nicholson in either of those films?

  • 18
    What was keith known to put into his floor tom when he was playing with a plexiglass kit?

  • 19
    On what television show did pete get tinnitus?

  • 20
    What was the cause of this tinnitus?

  • 21
    What song did this happen durring?

  • 22
    On the amazing Journey, the recently released who retrospective documentary, what punk band is covering the who in a portion of it?

  • 23
    What song is it?

  • 24
    What main plot point differs from tommy the movie and tommy the album?(answers are in the form of reflecting what would be correct on the album version)

  • 25
    What is the girl in "a quick one while he's away" ultimatly forgiven for?

  • 26
    What was the last album keith moon was recorded on?

  • 27
    What movie was keith supposerd to appear in, but was not able to because of his death?

  • 28
    Speaking of the lifehouse project, what life house project song is often mistaken for another who song because of their almost identical lyrics?

  • 29
    So life house became "who's next" with a controvercial album cover, why was the cover controvercial?

  • 30
    What song on The who sell out wasn't written by the who?

  • 31
    What song on Tommy wasn't written by the who?

  • 32
    is the Limp Bizkit Cover of "Behind Blue eyes" just inherently wrong?