• Welcome to the Real Can You Date a Sister Test!

    I made a different version in the past, under my previous screen name. Since then I've gotten a bit of feedback, and I was told it was way too mild and didn't ask some crucial questions.

    The last one was just to make folks think. This one is going to test whether you're really ready, or might explain some problems you've had if you've already dated a Sister.

    Also, keep in mind that not all Sisters are Black as in African. She could be in whatever's the most stigmatized ethnic minority in your country. Though this test focusses on dating an African American woman, you might get something out of it even if the woman you like is of another ethnicity or just very visibly different from most people around her.

    Aiight. It's on! (Alright, let us begin.)

  • Colourblind Kiss, a digital painting I drew for a lover.