• Greetings. The title of this test is not meant to be pompous, but there are a couple other Choose Your Own Adventure Tests that aren't actually real. I can't guarantee you'll love your storyline, but the layout is just like the books.

    Important, please read these directions

    In order to make your choices, you will be following links within the test. You will actually only answer one question, and it will be at the very end. Friendly monstrous black rectangles will help keep you oriented. If you accidently scroll down or do something dumb, just hit back on your browser once and all will be fixed.

    There are 29 different ways that your story can end. For instance you may get the girl, get the guy, get the money, get nothing, or even get killed.

    All of the storylines are my own, so if you are insane and decide to plagiarize them, let me know.
    Oh, and if you want other people to make tests that are more than just Internet porn, feel free to give it a good rating.
    And now, it's time to start your adventure.