• I liked the other classic rock trivia test here on okcupid, so I decided to write my own, trying my hand at writing tests. Yes, some of the questions are a little subjective, but if you consider yourself a classic rock buff, I think you should be able to see right through them. I'll be testing one variable--how much you know about classic rock's more trivial aspects. Many of the questions have only one right answer, but several have "almost right" answers, and you'll get some credit for getting those. If you think I left out some important trivia questions, or would like to dispute any of my answers, please feel free to drop me a message. I'll be glad to update and improve this test. Many questions I felt were so obscure, and with only one right answer, that I didn't assign a penalty for skipping the question. However, some questions which aren't very obscure, AND have more than one "almost correct" answer will give you a decent-sized penalty if you skip it. Proceed accordingly, and: Good luck!!!
  • Update!!! 25 MAR 05 One question I was quite misinformed on, so I updated the answers, and I clarified the wording on two other questions.

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