• A test that's ACTUALLY about the Wizard of Oz.
  • Section 1: Trivia
  • 1
    Who was the role of Dorothy Gale written for in the 1939 film adaptation?

  • 2
    Who says, "She's not only merely dead; she's really most sincerely dead."

  • 3
    Who does the Witch attack in the clearing where the Tin Man is introduced?

  • 4
    Why was the entire film not done in technicolor?

  • 5
    The Witch refers to her wickedness as "______".

  • 6
    What does Glinda say after the witch threatens her to hand over the slippers, "Or I'll..."?

  • 7
    Why does the Lion cry the first time?

  • 8
    Who was the second person to be cast as the Tinman?

  • 9
    After Dorothy & friends are finally allowed inside the Emerald City, they are given royal treatment before meeting the Wizard. What is done to Dorothy?

  • 10
    Many facets of the original novel were changed for the now-popular film adapation. What were the magic slippers originally made of?

  • 11
    Why were the slippers changed to ruby?

  • 12
    "Whatta they got that I ain't got?"

  • 13
    In what scene do you see the "supposed" shadow of a man hanging himself?

  • 14
    Call me sick, but I always got the feeling there was some kind of romantic triangle in Oz, with tension between two characters vying for Dorothy's attentions. Who does Dorothy tell she will miss most of all?

  • 15
    And who does she refer to as "Darling" after being rescued from the Witch's hourglass spell?