• ZOMG!!!  You've found the REAL ULTIMATE GEEKERY test, the prime method for you to finally, at long last, ascertain just how huge of a geek you are.  How so?  This test covers a myriad of geektivities, subdivided in such a way as to reveal how well-rounded your geekery is.  So it's up to you to claim the title of REAL ULTIMATE G33K!!!!

    (disclaimer: leet added for dramatic effect, and is not intended to be an endorsement of leetspeak in any way, shape, or form).


    This test is comprised of seven parts, each composed of seven questions each.  Each part centers on a different subject that geeks are proficient at.  But how proficient you are remains to be seen!



    Help this test become even geekier by giving suggestions; your ideas just might make it into the test, making it better, stronger, geekier.

  • Are you ready?  Your status is currently: GO!!!