• Hey, now.. You will read closely as I describe this most peculiar of tests.. Have you realized that as you read this, I am programming you, that you are subconsiously starting to wonder as you read this... what is this test is about? You wanna take this test? no? yeah? now? Oh, and If you try to guess the contents of this test, you'll discover that you are wrong. Right?
    So, DO You wanna leave yet? That's Ok.. You don't have to take this test anyway.

    (Read if you dare... You may fully understand, or you may hurt yourself.. But alas, I can't stop you...) Seriously if you want to read this stuff.. its in fine print...
    This test is ENIGMATIC by design. The test is intended to "quantify" (term's denotation used loosely) certain qualities people pickup in life. This test attempts to compensate a taker's test skills (through many major routes of question rationalizations) by detecting a person's skill in analysing a test's logic, and other test taking stratagems.
    Here's the kicker... Once a test taker feels confident in the mechanics of this test, they will hopefully have undermined thier scores... (thereby justifying the test's basic mechanics... that you as a test taker cares too much about little things in life) Does your head hurt yet??
    The test is trying to highlight (at least subversibly/through subconsious registers) the human preoccupation with the little elements of life. One funny irony that you may find is that the taking of this test for which it is designed is oxymoronic, the structure a mere "goose-egg" in that it offers the taker no truly new information. Perhaps however, this test will unveil already preconscious answers to your philosophical questions. Are you a nitpicking little preoccupied human? Or do you define the limits of sanity?
    You Wanna find out? Take the test...