• Yeehaw!
  • Hi! And welcome to my Redneck Avoidance Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine whether or not you are a redneck and if a Yankee will date you. It's 20 questions long and implements factors from the daily lives of rednecks and Yankees to develop a well-rounded judgement.
  • 1
    Budweiser is my favorite brand of beer.

  • 2
    I have been out of the country where I was born.

  • 3
    Out of the following musicians, I would most likely listen to: (If you don't know any of these, skip the question)

  • 4
    Out of the following foods, I would most likely eat...

  • 5
    I own one of the following items: (if you own multiple, just check one)

  • 6
    Out of the following sports, I would watch:

  • 7
    I have tried one of the following beers and enjoyed it: (If more than one, choose your favorite)

  • 8
    I had an unplanned pregnancy:

  • 9
    I would best be described as a:

  • 10
    I voted for the following candidate in the past election: (if you failed to vote or didn't vote for one of the listed candidates, leave blank)

  • 11
    I have a porch and a rocking chair:

  • 12
    I would be likely to use one of the following words to fill in the blank of this sentence: The concert last night was:

  • 13
    I sit at the public library and use MySpace and do nothing else.

  • 14
    I plan on going to grad school:

  • 15
    I plan to engage or am employed in one of the following industries:

  • 16
    On a daily basis, I visit: (if none, leave blank)

  • 17
    If forced to name my daughter one of the following, I would choose

  • 18
    I trust the following news organization most: (if you don't pay attention to the news, leave blank)