• "Relationship" is two or more individuals, places, or things that interact continously. Two people talking in a conversation are in a relationship just as two people dating are. Since you know me on some level and we interact in a regular basis, then we are in a relationship together as well. I am a part of you as you are a part of me. Let's open your eyes to some probing questions and see how deep the rabbit hole really goes... Those of you who know me are going to want to slap me for some of these questions and fall over laughing at some of the answers. Those of you whom I just met or just getting to know are going to wonder about me while you're taking this test. Remember, this test is about you - not me. There are trick questions and trick answers so you may think you're able to tell my personality, interests, needs, wants, and intentions from taking this test but this may not be true. I'm all mixed in there and some questions I would choose multple answers so just read the question/statement (half of them aren't even questions, they're just statements or words!), read over the answers, and then pick the one that best stands out for you; not what you think I would pick or want to hear! Unfortuntely, I do NOT receive a filled out copy of your test, so I won't know what answers you selected, only the total point value after the entire test is completed and totaled. When you're done and you submit your test, you'll receive a score. Please copy this score and post it as a - comment - in response to the test in my myspace profile blog. Feel free to add any personal comments or any answers that you left or questions you loved! Enjoy and have fun! ~ Shawn.

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