• Hi! And welcome to my Religion and Science Test. With this test you can try to figure out how religious and how scientific you are.

    How religious you are means how strong your personal belief is, NOT how much you understand the subtleties of theological questions. How scientific you are is the other way around: it means how much you have understood and appreciate science, NOT how much science you practice yourself.

    All questions can be answered with Yes, Partially Yes or No. Skipping a question is the same as answering No, except it is noted otherwise.

    If you take this test please keep in mind that I compare your answers with mine. So if I happen to have wrong assumptions then it could be that your score will be lower only because you are right and I am not. Please don't take it too seriously. Have fun!

    Note: In the original version I accidentally switched the points for two opposite answers of one question which can cause a difference of 8.33% in scientificness (both up or down). I apologize to everyone who has taken the test prior to 04/24/07 2:00 GMT and might be affected by this. In addition to the correction of this error I have reformulated a few questions to reduce the chances of misunderstanding. Thank you for taking this test!