• Repo! the Genetic Opera is a tale of Dickensian tragedy, corruption, greed, betrayal and revenge.  In the world of Repo, massive organ failure has been kept at bay by affordable transplants and payment plan surgeries provided by the medical corporation GeneCo.  But these surgeries come at a price: recipients who default on their payments are hunted down by the Repo men, who retrieve GeneCo's property without concern for their "patients."


    Against this grim backdrop unfolds a story of treachery and vice, with character archetypes drawn from Victorian literature and classical opera.  Which are you?  The tormented tragic her?  The innocent?  The dying tyrant?


    Take the test and fine out.


    Intrigued? Go to www.repo-opera.com/ to learn more; www.repo-opera.com/board to talk with the creator, the director, and the stars; or www.repo-opera.com/soundtrack to obtain the soundtrack. Become a part of the phenomenon with the Repo 7 Cities 7 Nights Tour (www.reporoadtour.com/), and see Repo when it arrives in theaters November 7th.