• Is your restaurant behavior appalling? (Hint: You don't necessarily have to come in with three screaming kids in order to answer yes to this question!) Find out for sure in this test. Inspired by the Pizza Etiquette test, it will evaluate your behavior at your average casual dining restaurant. I hope that this test will help you become a less obnoxious customer, which will make my life as a restaurant worker easier, and your life as a well-liked guest much more fulfilling. That means I'll tell you ALL the right answers. Warning: This quiz features extensive text sections that you're going to want to read! so make sure you've got a couple of minutes before you get started.

    DISCLAIMER: I have been informed by several takers that there are aspects of this test which don't hold true everywhere (for example, the acceptable amount for tips) and which are downright biased (sorry, but I like my questions. If you can't believe everything I say, at least you can use this test as a reference to remind you to at least consider other people's feelings.)