• I'm a romantic at heart... I can be witty and charming and dashing, but no one will ever know.


    Because I have as much self-confidence as a hermit crab. Rain Man will introduce himself to an attractive girl before I could ask for the time of day. I mean, I'm on the internet for God's sake... what did you expect?

    So here's my test. Rather than look at every "Could you be my dream guy?" test, I thought I'd let you do the work... I'll ask questions, you supply the most appropriate response, and at the end we'll see whether this humble test writer matches your fantasy or if I get your virtual drink splashed in my face.

    So have fun, and be honest. Unless, that is, you're just trying to pick the answer I want to hear because you're trying to impress me; that would be fine.

    P.S. This is more or less an experimental foray into writing tests. If you're expecting something witty and informative, you may want to skip this and take my other, better organized test.