• This test is revised see below for details. How Well do you stand in your life? Is everything you need fufilled? This test uses a humanistic standpoint to see if you've got everything you need to reach your full potential.

    Abraham H. Maslow (1908-1970) was an Amerikan clinical psychologist who founded the humanistic psychology in the 1960's.

    He invented the hierarchy of needs which has 5 levels of needs. He states that a lower level of need needs to be fufilled in order to advance in a higher level of need.

    This test wil only test four out of five needs. The highest will not be taken into account.

    What is also nice to note is that the fufillment of a need can vary per day, like after a night out in town the physiological need will not be fufilled (you lack sleep) so that means that the higher needs can't be fufilled untill you get some sleep.

    This test however will try to paint a broader picture, your need fufillment over a lager period of time.

    what has changed
    I've added a lot of questions on all four levels so that you will better results.
    Scoring on some questions has changed somewhat to take into account the new questions.
    I've added categories.
    added some HTML to increase readability

    This revision was made possible by everyone that send feedback on my test thank you all for that. I hope you are pleased as well with the results.

  • image above the hierarchy of needs: www.timlebon.com/maslow_files/image002.gif Image below Abraham H. Maslow: www.trans4mind.com/mind-development/maslow.jpg
  • Now I must say I am not humanisticly schooled so if there is a flaw in it, well too bad, you may do it better yourself. :-)

    Enough babling! Go on, start the test