The REVISED Version 1.5 Forum Moderating Personality Test

  • Hello! This test is intended to be taken by users of the RaGEZONE online forum to determine how they would act as a moderator. Once you have finished taking the test, please post your results on the forum.
  • In the previous test, there was a clearly defined line of two moderating ideologies. 40% of the testers were classified as Neutralists, the moderators who are usually considered laid-back. 40% of the testers were classified as Elitists, the moderators who are considered to-the-point. Yet, another 20% were classified as Centralists, the guys who are a bit in-between.
  • The test, however, had many notable flaws. Since it was written by an Elitist, it was from an Elitist's point of view. This test has been rewritten based on suggestions contributed by moderators and super moderators to be more fair.
  • This test will classify you into one of these five groups: Hyperneutralist, Neutralist, Centralist, Elitist, and Hyperelitist. Please answer the questions as honestly as you can. If you find a question that does not have a choice you would choose, please choose from the choices provided.