• If you're a highly political, anti-patriarchal, womyn-loving individual... you just might pass this test.
  • 1
    Riot Grrrl band Bikini Kill have a song called "For Tammy Rae" -- who is Tammy Rae Carland?

  • 2
    Speaking of Bikini Kill, which member was Kurt Cobain romantically involved with?

  • 3
    After Bikini Kill broke up, Le Tigre was formed. Which record label did they first appear on?

  • 4
    Who is not a feminist mentioned in the song "Hot Topic" by Le Tigre?

  • 5
    The Butchies were also formed after a riot grrrl band broke up. Which one was it?

  • 6
    Although much softer in sound, Tattle Tale were associated with the riot grrrl movement. Which lesbian film made them popular?

  • 7
    Toward the tail end of the riot grrrl era, Sleater-Kinney emerged. How did they get their band name?

  • 8
    Which state was not a main founding place for riot grrrl bands?

  • 9
    Riot grrrl was founded largely due to DIY fanzines. Which 'zine did Donna Dresch create?

  • 10
    And finally, to mix things up a bit... which designer influenced fashion with the queercore movement?