• Hi! And welcome to The Romantic Ability Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine how well you may be able to romance women. The questions asked are straight from my mind, things I want or don't want. You may be just what I am looking for or exactly what I don't like.
  • 1
    When getting ready for a date, you put on which cologne?

  • 2
    For a date at an adult arcade what would you wear?

  • 3
    When it comes to my love life, my family...

  • 4
    If I call a chick on the phone and she doesn't answer...

  • 5
    When I am sick and obviously need rest/medicine/vitamins

  • 6
    When I know I am going to sleep in the same bed as a girl...

  • 7
    I see a hot chick at the bar while I'm out with the boys

  • 8
    On a typical day off from work....

  • 9
    My favorite food is...

  • 10
    Valentine's Day....