• Welcome to my Running the gauntlet with scissors Test. I (deceptipimp)will be using my own personal preferrences and things that I like to determine if you really know me. There is no wrong answer, it's just a matter of how well you know me or how much you want to know. Nothing is set in stone, and the word choice may not be perfect for the situation, but give it your best.
  • 1
    Which of these statements do not match his drinking habits?

  • 2
    Does he smoke?

  • 3
    Has he ever gambled?

  • 4
    Which actor has he seen up close, while traveling with a friend that wanted to see them?

  • 5
    Which classic video game has he NEVER played?

  • 6
    Do you know if he has a car?

  • 7
    What famous landmark has he NOT visited?

  • 8
    Knowing his favorite color, what shade does he have on a spare set of steel car wheels for his summer project?

  • 9
    What does he first notice about a girl he likes?

  • 10
    Knowing what his dream project is for the summer, what is it?

  • 11
    What's his highest COMPLETED level of education.

  • 12
    What is his favorite classic video game?

  • 13
    What is his SECOND favorite color, if his first choice isn't available?

  • 14
    What famous LOCAL landmark did he have dinner at last year?

  • 15
    True or False: Didn't have a cell phone last year

  • 16
    Does he have a pet?

  • 17
    Is he currently in an education program?

  • 18
    True or False: Does he have a cell phone now?

  • 19
    Besides the actor he saw upclose from earlier, who was the other actor speaking that day?

  • 20
    What's the pet's name?

  • 21
    What IS his favorite color?

  • 22
    Which langauge does he know other than English?

  • 23
    Which langauge did he successfully FLUNK?

  • 24
    Name an activity he HASN'T done.

  • 25
    What famous politician has he met?

  • 26
    What individual is poked at the most by deceptipimp?

  • 27
    What book series does deceptipimp read on occasion?

  • 28
    He used to have these, but now his sister added them to her own collection. What are they?

  • 29
    Does he have/like Xbox?

  • 30
    Favorite fall holiday?

  • 31
    Do you know what he really wanted to be when he grew up, from when he was a kid?

  • 32
    Favorite blazer brand?

  • 33
    Watch brand of choice?

  • 34
    What game title gets mocked by him mostly?

  • 35
    Oddly enough, what project car idea was put on the back burner?

  • 36
    What object does he always have on him? Even if it's hidden.

  • 37
    What Pokemon is a common joke for a fall guy most of the time?

  • 38
    Deceptipimp was an extra in what movie?

  • 39
    What sport does he firmly say,"________ will never be popular in this country", to the end result being pissed off uppity parents, spewing anger and blind hate toward the one who has said it.

  • 40
    What new movie has not been given an unofficial alternate title by,"he who must not be named(in court)"?

  • 41
    You answer is actually here. The question is what book series is based on the answer, about what the original question is.

  • 42
    What did deceptipimp almost pass out & die from a previous summer? This is something very important to him that he'd prevent happening ever again.

  • 43
    What vehicle has he not been in? Either as a driver, passenger or even allowed inside.

  • 44
    One of these doesn't belong for his favorite music.

  • 45
    Doesn't enjoy which...

  • 46
    He's not a poet, or poetically inclined

  • 47
    What was the first Bond movie he ever saw thanks to his parents?