• Lately I've noticed the number of scammer profiles increasing. These irritate the hell out of me but don't pose a lot of danger to me personally. I caught one early on in my internet dating adventure so I'm pretty tuned in.

    I am worried about some of my XY compatriots though. Let's face it, guys can tend to think with their southern brain when they believe a pretty lady is interested in them. They quickly get hot and bothered and sucked in (never off, 'cause she's somewhere in Bladislavia) and the next thing you know they're wiring her money so she can come visit them except that never happens because she's really a 300 pound Kossak in an internet cafe.

    So in defense of my male brothers I offer a quick test to help determine whether that hot gal that just mailed you is a real strumpet or a fat hairy Russian.

    Gals, you can use this too. Run it against your own profile and habits to see if you are a fat hairy Russian.


    If I've missed any obvious scammer tip-offs please let me know and I'll add them to the test.

    Also, if you are still not sure after running a profile against this test send me the profile name and I'll be happy to check it out for you. For realz. This test is a bit lighthearted but I seriously despise scammers.