• This is the RWA test, which is an improved version of "The F-scale". The F-scale questions found their way into the well-known political test at politicalcompass.org, where they (probably) measure your degree of respect for authority. But the F-scale was famously flawed to the point of being unscientific. This is a version which corrects the original's flaws, and has been used by Bob Altemeyer and others for decades, finding out interesting connections...

    Please answer as honestly as possible, and I'll tell you what it (possibly) means afterwards. Some questions are pretty far out, I don't expect many people will agree with them - but please don't be offended that I ask them anyway.

    Important: You may find that you sometimes have different reactions to different parts of a statement. For example, you might very strongly disagree with one idea in a statement, but slightly agree withanother idea in the same item. When this happens, please combine your reactions, and write down how you feel on balance ("strongly disagree" in this case).

    Bob Altemeyer designed this test, and he permits these questions to be used by others. Disclaimer: I am not he. I might have misunderstood something, and I do not represent his views or anything.